My Story

Welcome to, a Christian apparel, accessories and jewerly online store.

This is a new chapter of my life, and I never would have thought that I would end up becoming an entrepreneur. I am so grateful that God is giving me this opportunity to create things that could inspire, uplift, or even point others to Jesus. Although it might be tough to start a business in this economy, I believe God will always be a provider to show me His path when there seems to be none.   

Everything I created in my store is with God's love and grace. I have kept my designs simple because I believe that "simplicity brings happiness". 

Thank you for choosing to shop at rejoiceforlife. I hope each item you purchase will help yourself and influence others positively.  We must not lose hope and keep our faith up under any circumstances.

May our Lord always bless you and your family abundantly with His everlasting Love and Peace !